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        3. 關于麗爾

          About Lier

          浙江麗爾五金有限公司是一家專業研發、 生產、銷售為一體的鋁塑門窗五金配件的企業。浙江麗爾五金有限公司是中國建筑金屬結構協會成員,國家建設部定點生產鋁塑門窗配件的廠家之一。麗爾堅信有建筑的地方就有麗爾產品。為了改善人類居住環境,讓麗爾成為高品質的代名詞。

          公司秉承:“誠信至上、 優質服務、科學管理、追求卓越的經營宗旨。為眾多國內外建筑提供國際水準的門.窗五金配件的配套服務。在企業文化建設中突出"以人為本、以德為先、以才為重、和諧管理”的經營理念,將麗爾五金打造成為有品質的門窗五金配件基地,成為中國五金配件加工制造的中堅力量。


          Zhejiang Lier hardware co., LTD. Is a professional R & D, production, sales as one of the aluminum-plastic doors and Windows hardware accessories enterprises.Zhejiang Lier hardware co., LTD. Is a member of China building metal structure association and one of the manufacturers appointed by the national construction ministry to produce aluminum-plastic door and window accessories.Leal firmly believes that where there are buildings, there are Leal products.In order to improve human living environment, let Leer become a synonym for high quality.

          Lier is in line with quality product and service, scientific management, in pursuit of excellence manufacturing purposes. High precision in the design and development, consistent implementation of values in quality specifications and standards, strictly conform to ISO 9001 : 2000. Quality Management System in the production ensure the provision of high-quality performances.

          Lier takes pride in supplying hardware to many famous landmarks and real estates in domestic and abroad projects. Lier is always your best and most reliable supporter.